Skin of choice

Personalization is here to stay. Without doubt, a way to differentiate themselves in the sea of Internet applications representing today is to give the user a bonus to recognize both the use and appearance of a software. UMPlayer has a fantastic amount of skins for you to choose for yourself or you create a totally customized to your liking.

Stable, free and reliable

From open source philosophy, UMPlayer is not only ready to run easily on any operating system platform, but is also broadly stable when playing a video or audio track. Even ready to search YouTube or to store multimedia files on your PC. It really is very complete.

All codecs!

One of the main problems faced by a user when playing a video file is to have the necessary codecs for it. If you do not have the decoder indicated, then everything gets complicated. UMPlayer simplifies your life as it is equipped with as many components to not have to waste time searching the Web. UMPlayer is convenient and efficient.

Fantastic advanced

UMPlayer has been developed to be able to implement the following:

  • Configure subtitles.
  • Remember playback position.
  • Searches SHOUTcast.
  • Subtitle settings.
  • Search and YouTube playback.